Happy Monday! Kosher beef frank on a sesame seed bun with mustard.
Veterans of The Onion's video production department, Abe Zverow and Karl Blomberg have been collaborating since 2015.
Their videos for The Onion, Netflix, ClickHole, The Root, and The A.V. Club have racked up millions of views, while their spots for brands like Ford, Dr. Pepper, and Stella Artois have turned heads from sea to shining sea.
Their work has won a Digiday award for Best Video Ad, has been featured in publications like Vulture and Slate, and was once retweeted by Bradley Whitford himself. Bradley Whitford played Josh on The West Wing.
Breakfast Worldwide is their launch into space: Scripting. Producing. Shooting. Directing. Editing. You know, video stuff.
Abe and Karl are Breakfast Worldwide. They make videos.